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Rubber Parking Curbs
Rubber Speed Bumps
Rubber Speed Humps
Install Curbs, Bumps & Humps
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Park-It ™
Rubber Parking Stops,
Curbs and Wheel Stops
Slows Traffic down to 10 to 20 MPH
For products that slow traffic down even more from 5 to
15 MPH see our
Any sells of these speed humps is new-found money!
The INSTALLED price of RUBBER is less than that of other products.
If you consider at Time, Materials, Labor, and Equipment,
our products have a lower INSTALLED price.
You know what equipment and man-power would be
required to build a hump from asphalt.

Here are some photos from one project.
“ - Rubber Parking Curbs , Rubber Speed Bumps and Speed Humps-