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Slows Traffic down to 0 to 15 MPH
For products that slows traffic a little less from 10 to 20 MPH see our Speed HUMPS
All Speed Bumps have yellow reflective tape molded into the speed bumps!
That makes them easily visible, day or night.

The standard length is 6' but you can connect them end-to-end or cut them to create a custom length.
Rubber Speed Bumps are a great alternative to asphalt, plastic and
Here are just a few of the MAJOR BENEFITS of using our Bumps!
1. The INSTALLED price of RUBBER is less than that of other products.
If you consider Time, Materials, Labor, and Equipment, our products
have a lower INSTALLED price
2. RUBBER is safer and easier to install. You don't need paving equipment
to install our speed bumps.
Our 6' long bumps weigh only 51 lbs each Installing them is not much different
than installing a wheelstop!
3. RUBBER is easier and less expensive to transport to the jobsite. At 51
lbs each, you could put a skid of 50 in a pick-up truck,rather than using a stake body truck or flat bed trailer.

4. Our RUBBER speed bumps have molded-in reflective tape AND molded- in "Cat's Eye" reflectors to warn drivers to SLOW down prior to the bump!

Additionally your customer benefits because he has less long-term
maintenance in re-painting bumps.

5. Our speed bumps are modular in that they can be installed end to end up to
any length and are flexible with Optional End-Caps available in case they're not run curb-to-curb .
6. They have a channeled bottom that allows for cable or pipe to pass
under the speed bump.

7. They do not consume any NEW raw materials from the earth, unlike asphalt or concrete, which consume raw materials such as oil, lime, cement, sand and other rocks. Rubber speed bumps are made from old recycled rubber tires that would normally be collected in landfills.

Using Recycled Rubber Speed bumps is environmentally friendly.

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